Our Mirage, the rising post-hardcore group, unveils their latest music video for the single ‘Farewell‘, out now via Arising Empire!
 This latest release showcases a bolder and more intense side of the band, guiding viewers on a stirring emotional journey. ‘Farewell‘ highlights the band’s inventive prowess, mesmerizing with both its musical complexity and captivating visual storytelling. The video exudes a mysterious aura, inviting anticipation for the band’s future musical direction.

Moreover, Our Mirage is thrilled to announce their imminent tour across Germany, offering fans a chance to immerse themselves in the live rendition of their music. These upcoming performances are set to provide authentic concert experiences, fostering a deep and visible connection between the band and its audience.
The release of ‘Farewell‘ marks the beginning of a new era for Our Mirage, serving as an intriguing preview of more innovative music to come.

“FAREWELL to the old „Our Mirage“ 
Following a period of quiet and mystery, we are back with a bang – embarking on a new, HEAVIER chapter of Our Mirage!”



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